The 6 Best LED Grow Lights Review 2022 – Top Plant Lights for Indoor Growing

Buying LED grow lights for the first time can be challenging. There is a possibility that you’ll fall for the wrong type of grow lights. Or you can also buy something that has poor quality and a short lifespan.

Grow lights use LED technology to help you grow indoor plants. They boost growth, density, and seed production effectively. You can install these grow lights in a tight space or a large tent-like arena. It all depends upon how you want to structure and access the indoor plants.

The benefits of LED grow lights are long-lasting and impressive. And the best way for you to know them is with the help of these amazing 6 choices. If you’re looking for new grow lights to foster your indoor plants, you’ve come to the right place.

Best LED Grow Lights to Buy Right Away

How do grow lights work? These lights produce an electric current that mimics sunlight. They are LED grow lights that use electrodes and diodes to generate intense light. This depending upon the plant you have, helps it grow, bloom, and flower more naturally.

You can also buy grow lights for seed production. It makes indoor plants thicker and livelier. And LED light stations are also installed in certain greenhouses. To boost the growth of specific plants, herbs, and grass.

Grow lights need to be properly-installed for effective and long-lasting results. Different brands of grow lights will offer different lighting results. But your main focus has to be to buy something that does not burn your plants. Because there are some LED lights that will get too hot.

You can have options in such a case. Either you install cooling fans around the setup. Or you buy a new kit of grow lights with a pre-installed advanced cooling system. You will find them below.

1. HGL 650R 610w 120 VoltHorticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board

If you’re starting out with new plant grow lights, this is the best one yet. It offers plenty of exciting features. For starters, it’s one of the best efficient grow lamps there is. It offers the full spectrum of white light-both intense and adjustable.


● Automated and strong light power supply.

● Lightweight and easy to maintain.

● High and super-bright light output.


● It does throw a little heat.

Everyone growing plants at home needs something reliable. The most important feature that works for most people is light intensity and consistency. It’s safe to say that this indoor grow light excels at both.

These plant lights are hands down the most efficient ones you’ll find on the market. They offer diffused light with an upgraded canopy light penetration. Your plants will love these. Since it uses less power supply to shine brighter, it lasts for a long time.

The deep-red and purple LED are impressive. With the “Emerson” effect, these lights resemble the sun’s light more accurately. It’s scientifically proven that plants benefit the most from such wavelengths. And that’s exactly why you should buy these best grow lights right now.

You’d also like to know that the panel board that runs it is Samsung. These indoor grow lights use Samsung diodes that make them the energy-saving and the best LED grow lights on the market.

2. VOGEK LED Plant Grow Light

People buy the VOGEK LED Plant Grow Light because it’s adjustable and portable. If you’re looking for the best grow lights for indoor plants, this is it. It has adjustable lamp arms and you can extend it 18 inches away from the main clamp. And operation and maintenance are relatively simple.


● Quick and powerful AC outlet.

● It features a timer, brightness levels, and auto on/off function.

● A larger lighting area and adjustable body.


● No customization for the timer setting.

● You need a heavy object to stabilize it.

This is a reliable and classy choice. If you didn’t like the fact that the previous pick gave off too much heat, then you’re going to love this. The adjustability of the light, of the design, and overall is what keeps this indoor grow light so interesting.

Perfect for a beginner and a more experienced person. The bulbs inside the grow lights are replaceable. So the main body is long-lasting and has a few perks of its own. Such as the bendable goosenecks and strong desk clip.

In terms of performance, the LED panel is powerful and effective. It comes with multiple light settings, brightness levels, and efficient power modes. The timer setup is also accurate with preset time intervals. So you can set up the timer for 3, 6, and 12 hours.

For a full light spectrum, these grow lights are perfect. They are space-saving, flexible, and look minimal. With the desk clip, you can keep it wherever you like. Just make sure you attach it to something heavy and sturdy. Besides the aluminum shell makes sure the LED bulbs offer optimal heat and light to the plants to keep them growing.

3. MAXISUN High Performance LED Grow Lights

If you haven’t found the right LED grow lights yet, the MAXISUN is a safe option. It has all the correct features that make it practical and powerful. Such as the aluminum shade material, no fans, and thick heat sink. It keeps the entire setup cool and ensures efficient operation.


● Affordable and powerful plants grow lamps.

● Well-built, functional accessories, and quick setup.

● Dimmable, water-resistant, and portable.


● The unit is not very long-lasting.

● The lights are not too bright.

This is a good budget light for buyers. If you want a cheaper alternative that’s just as good as the top pick, this is it. It yields better results at lighting than other similarly-priced options. The full spectrum light ensures smooth and consistent plant growth.

Great for greenhouses, indoor plant beds, and other vegetative use. The bulbs use less power but shine brighter. Featuring a highly-efficient photon energy rating, this is the best grow lights money can buy.

The unit feels solid and sturdy for long-term use. However, if you keep moving it around, the lifespan may reduce. So make sure you install the LED grow lights in one place and keep it there.

The electric cord is thick and long. And it does include ratcheting straps which not all power lights do. So that’s a huge advantage of these plant lights for indoor growing. You can decorate your shelf or desk with these lights. And it won’t look bulky or dull. It’s comparatively efficient and affordable to buy.

4. Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights

Another budget-friendly pick is the Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights. It uses Samsung’s diodes and comes very close to what grow lights that cost three times as much offer. Someone recommended that these best grow lights are quite practical. The quantum board particularly so.


● Easy to set up and access board kit.

● Water-resistant and coated lights.

● Samsung diodes boost plant growth.


● The dimming feature is inaccurate.

If you’re looking for the best indoor grow lights at a fair price, this is what you need. It fits the bill in many ways. For starters, it is well-built and easy to board. The Samsung diodes make everything better. Even if you’re new at this, these lights do not fuss over anything.

You can customize the dimming effect on this. It may not be 100% accurate but it’s good enough to get you started. The best LED grow lights have multiple light connections. Allowing a larger coverage for indoor plants and commercial planting.

The diodes, bluish light, and red and IR light offer better flexibility. And this gives your plants a better chance to grow faster. The light is not too bright. It has a natural effect, which makes plants look green and healthy.

For setting up this in your room, there’s nothing better. The high-quality components and upgraded packaging make this one of the best plant lights for indoor growing. It works right out of the box. With features like the uniform canopy design makes it efficient and useful.

5. VIPARSPECTRAL UL Certified Grow Light

This one is a certified grow light with lots to offer. But what it’s really known for is its long-term durability. This light will seriously last you for ages. You can create your entire professional indoor plant setup. And have these brilliant grow lights installed. They are efficient and powerful!


● Space-saving and sturdy design.

● Offers consistent and smooth operation.

● Good for year-round crop production.


● It doesn’t improve the plant’s health.

This is a basic but effective grow light. If other LED grow lights get too hot for you, go for this choice. Your plants may not grow very tall and thick. But you’ll definitely see a significant improvement in how the growing process matures.

This is a very good light for growing multiple plants. You don’t need extra air conditioning to keep the setup cool. It costs twice as little, is more efficient, and it lasts for a really long time. From the seeding to the flowering stage, these lights support everything.

Being UL-certified, it has optimal full spectrum light. On top of it all, the reflector design increases power output without wasting extra energy. And the advanced cooling system which isn’t in all such indoor plant lights is quite impressive too.

Buy these lights for their inexpensive and long-lasting value. Trust me when I say that you won’t find indoor LED lights like these. They’re very easy to install. They will keep your plants cool and healthy. And with the daisy chain feature, it’s versatile and portable to use.


If there’s one LED grow light that you absolutely need, it’s this one. It offers a bright light. Better and less hot than other LED grow lights. The lights are also easy to access and install. If you want to set up an indoor plant tent, these are the perfect lights to go with.


● Efficient and money-saving design.

● Lightweight and powerful.

● The dimmer is convenient and quick to use.


● It does get a bit hot.

● The manual directions are inaccurate.

These indoor lights keep your indoor plants healthy and blooming. It’s a total game-changer because it’s lightweight and efficient. And also that it’s one of the most accessible grow lights on the market. Uncomplicated to install and easy to maintain.

It has the best and most convenient price for IR lights. The operation is quiet and vibration-free. It has a higher intensity than other HPS lamps. In fact, you can increase the intensity by 20% without increasing the heat.

The LED lights have a dimming switch and a daisy chain function. It allows full-spectrum light growth. And with 15 multi-line connections, the lights are easy to access.

To conserve more energy, the auto-power mode is effective. But what’s really impressive is the waterproof drives. Allowing maximum power, light flow, and zero inconveniences. This is a much, much better traditional HPS grow system than lights of the same price.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons to buy these best grow lights for indoor plants. They enhance the growing stages of indoor plants. And give you enough reason to buy more indoor plants for your room. LED grow lights help people keep indoor plants in a room where there’s not enough sunlight.

The design and functionality of a grow light is a complete head-turner. This article has plenty of information about buying LED indoor lights for plants. It answers all the questions you probably have about it.

With the help of the best indoor plant lights, you can find and buy your ideal choice. The top pick that works for most people is the HGL 650R Horticulture. It tells you everything you need to know about the features and durability of grow lights.

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